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Mountain Stickers

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Nature and Craft Connected

The outdoors inspires you.  Your craft should, too.
AdKnits brings them together with nature-inspired goods for knitters and makers.

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How to Combine Knitting and Crochet in the Same Project

How to Combine Knitting and Crochet in the Same Project

Knitting is my first fiber love, however, I've been known to pick up a crochet hook now and then. Rarely do I make something exclusively crocheted...
Happy Birthday, adknits!

Happy Birthday, adknits!

Well, May is almost over, and of course it's on the last few days that I realized adKnits hit a pretty big milestone:  adKnits turned 10 this month...
Color Scheme:  Knitted Mountains

Color Scheme: Knitted Mountains

The knitted mountains sticker was a totally selfish design.  I love knitting, I love the mountains, so I decided to make a little something for my...




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