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What’s Missing From Your Project Bag: Seven Tools No Knitter Should Be Without

Raise your hand if you’ve ever used a pencil as a cable needle, or a hair tie as a stitch marker!   I've got both hands up on this one.  Have you ever settled in for some road trip knitting, or brought along your project on an outing only to discover you don’t have something essential in your knitting bag?

seven tools no knitter should be without
I don’t do a ton of traveling, but no matter where I go, I almost always bring my knitting with me. Even if the family is just out running errands, I will often bring my knitting with me in the car.

It can be super frustrating to discover you don’t have the tools you need to work on your project. Knitter problems, y’all. Here’s a list of the tools I try to always keep in my bag so that I can work on whatever project I have In tow!
1.  Mini Scissors
Have I ever sawed through a strand of yarn with my car keys?  Yes.  Not my preferred way of breaking yarn, though.
2.  Stitch Markers
I find these ALL. OVER. MY HOUSE.  My knitting bag seems to be the one place they avoid, so I try to pack extras.
3.  Scrap Yarn
Holds live stitches!  Acts as life line!  Can be turned into a stitch marker in a pinch!  Scrap yarn is the super hero of your knitting bag.
4.  Tape Measure
Don't guestimate.  Knowledge is power.
5.  Spare DPNs
Always good to have on hand to act as a cable needle or temporary stitch holder.
6.  Notions Pouch
Because you've gotta have a place to put all this stuff so it's not floating around all loosey-goosey in your bag.  A zipper is a must.
7.  Mini Sketchbook
Sometimes inspiration strikes or some serious math needs to be done.  Either way, you better have a place to write it down. 

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