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Collected: Color Work Sweaters

It seems to be human nature to collect things. My three-year-old collects rocks in her pockets, my seven-year-old collect Pokémon cards, and many of us knitters collect yarn.  But why do we collect? The appeal seems to be more about the group of objects as a whole, rather than the individual pieces.  Those are great too, but it’s seeing them all together that is the most satisfying.

So today, I’ve collected color work sweaters that I desperately want to knit but just don't have the time.

There's something so satisfying about color work -- seeing the pattern emerge from your needles, and the methodic back-and-forth from your left strand to your right strand.  I hope you find something that inspires you from this collection!

Knitting color work sweatersBirkin by Caitlin Hunter
Hinterland by Jennifer Steingass
Telos by Trin-Annelie
Swallowtail by Jamie Hoffman

Knitting color work sweatersSirius by Camilla Vad
Pink Velvet by Andrea Mowry
North Atlantic by Lone Kjeldsen
Moraine by Tin Can Knits




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